Your selfie face is not your real face!

Notice the difference between the above pictures of President Lincoln ? Feels weird right? Well, It shouldn’t!

Our friends, family don’t really notice this because of The mere exposure Effect.

The mere exposure effect says that just becoming familiar with something makes us like it more.

We are more familiar with seeing backwards because most of the time we see our faces in the mirror or on the selfie cam on our phones , so what we see is reversed from what other people see. The right side of your face looks like it’s the left side, and vice versa.

This really matters because human faces are not perfectly symmetrical. which means that we keep seeing our asymmetrical features on the wrong side of our face.

But when you look at a photo someone else took, you’re looking at yourself the way the rest of the world sees you. And those little asymmetries
are enough to produce a slightly different face than you’re used to.

That’s why people tend to prefer reversed images of themselves over images from someone else’s perspective. It’s just more familiar and certain.

In a 2015 study of female plastic surgery patients, 73% preferred looking at
mirror-reversed photos of themselves.

But this should not be a concerning to you. Just because you aren’t used to it doesn’t mean your friends think your face is ugly. In fact, since our friends have more exposure to seeing our faces the real way, they tend to prefer non-selfie photos of us.

Familiarity makes us feel warm and fuzzy. The same mere exposure effect happens with words, basic shapes, photographs, and sounds.

One of the oldest tricks in the marketing playbook is that repeated exposure to a product makes people feel more positively about it.

So, the next time when you see the un-flipped version of your photo, Don’t feel sad instead smile remembering how you thought you’d appear to the world.

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