We have to synthetically evolve or we’re doomed.

Max Tegmark is a Swedish American physicist and machine learning researcher at MIT. He thinks that AI will redefine what it means to be human due to the scale of the changes it will bring about.

During the past 13.8 billion years our universe has transformed from dead and boring to complex and interesting and it has the opportunity to get dramatically more interesting in the future if we don’t screw up. About four billion years ago life first appeared here on earth but it was pretty dumb stuff like bacteria that couldn’t really learn anything in their lifetime. Max calls them Life 1.0.

We are what Max calls Life 2.0 because we can learn things. Now those skills that we learn are uploaded to our minds and it’s precisely this ability of us humans to design our own software rather than be stuck with what evolution gave us which has enabled us to dominate this earth and give us what we call cultural evolution.

We seem to be gradually heading towards life 3.0 which is life that can design not just its software but also its hardware.

Max defines intelligence as the ability to achieve complex goals in the world he includes both biological intelligence as well as artificial intelligence in this definition.

There are a number of scenarios that the Superintelligence will be achieved. Some researchers believe that humans will evolve or directly modify their biology so as to achieve radically greater intelligence.

There are many scientific technological and social uncertainties relevant to the creation of an intelligent machine and whether one should expect a sudden event or a gradual development of increasingly intelligent machines.

However current AI lacks common sense and can only deal with a narrow range of situations compared with humans. while AI will not be a human level general intelligence in the near future but it will bring about massive changes in society.

We are living in an era of accelerating change and the pace of this change is exponential. In contrast to narrow AI an advanced artificial general intelligence or AGI is one that could perform any task in the abstract world. It would be capable of learning arbitrary things unrelated to its original task and creating new forms of knowledge through self-directed discovery and exploration.

Some researchers believe that super intelligence will likely follow shortly after the development of artificial general intelligence.

The first generally intelligent machines are likely to immediately hold an enormous advantage in at least some forms of mental capability including vastly superior knowledge base and the ability to multitask in ways not possible to biological entities. This may give them the opportunity to become much more powerful than humans.

According to Sam Harris, even if a machine is no smarter than a team of researchers at MIT electronic circuits function about a million times faster than biochemical ones. So, you set it running for a week and it will perform 20 000 years of human level intellectual work week after week. Given the speed that these machines can process information to be six months ahead of the competition here is to be five hundred thousand years ahead at a minimum.

The development of intelligent machines that are capable of self-improvement raises many existential questions relevant to very reason of human existence. That is why it is of utmost importance that we learn to control AI to do what we wanted to do.

The more intelligent and powerful machines get the more important it becomes that their goals are aligned with ours.

There’s no reason to think that intelligent machines would have human goals if we built them.

The danger of not designing control right at the first time is that a super intelligence may be able to seize power over its environment and prevent humans from shutting it down.

There are a number of problems that could potentially arise if AI attains super intelligence.

can we trust it? what are the consequences of working with machines that one day may outsmart us in every way imaginable?

We cannot deny AI’s potential to replace us as the dominant entity on the planet. While there are many unknowns about the development of intelligent machines and how we should deal with them. There is no question that AI will play a fundamental role in the future of humanity.

Super intelligence does not necessarily have to be something negative. According to Max Tegmark if we manage to get it right it might become the best thing to happen to mankind.



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